New and Noteworthy Style August 21 2012

There are pieces that furnish a home and those that define it.

The very new calf hide stools do just this. These stools are created from off cuts of upholstery hides, which are the by-product of the meat industry. The seat is placed on top of 3 x branches forming the sturdy legs. The natural texture of hide and timber come together in this very clever design. Pull up a stools and sit by the fire after a long day on the mountain.

Mix timber types and colours, different styles and patterns creating interest and diversity, this is how European and American classic interiors evolved over hundreds of years. Try not to make your room feel too contrived as you have to live comfortably in this evolving space.

Have you inherited an array of miss matched dark antique furniture and think it doesn’t fit your new décor. Then take a look at the popular furniture by La Maison, French Country and Perfect pieces. It is crafted in the traditional style then painted white, antique white or washed grey to create a stylish, confident and relaxed interior.

If you desire a light as air palette follow their example. Some call this shabby chic and if this term helps you envisage where I am coming from, go ahead and use it. Personally, I believe this look is too elegant and classic to be called shabby.

You can also paint your old lamp bases and the cheap pine furniture you purchased when a poor starving student. Paint just about everything. How good is it when you pick up that character piece you just had to have from a clearance sale, the revolve or second hand store. You deliberate as to what to do with this piece and where it shall fit in your home. Perhaps the colour doesn’t work then paint it. Furniture doesn’t have to be new and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

To achieve an elegant classic style do not clutter the room, keep all lines simple and clean. White on white interspersed with touches of colour in many forms.

A marble topped, cast iron leg sofa or buffet table. Natural oak, pewter, chrome, glass and timber lamps, hurricanes and candelabras add contrasting textures.

A massive bunch of seasonal flowers with deep green leaves add the ever changing colour pow, just perfect !

The family will continue to weave their own art works, photographs and objects into this room creating its unique personality.

Enjoy your new spring interior and think outside the square.

Yours in design,

Gaye Kable