WOW THINGS ! November 03 2014

Designers Notebook

November 2014


This week I have been buying, buying and buying exciting new products for our shop Trading in Design. Sometimes I just can’t stop the frenzy, particularly when so many suppliers are offering radical discounts on their Christmas stock.

What is happening have they gone mad ?


I have titled this article WOW  THINGS !  Because while I was embroiled in this decision making process as to which particularly fabulous pieces to purchase, I began to think about what are wow things! Everyone has their own particular group of wow things, senses, feelings and activities. Sometimes we just have to sit back and think how they influence many aspects of our lives. Some senses just reach down into your soul and give you deep joy and satisfaction.


As the days are warming my thoughts turn to water. I just love everything about water. The differing shapes of the waves. The changing colour’s from deep to shallow water, the reflection of the sky above be it stormy slate grey’s or clear bright blue skies filled with sunshine. Water is also enhanced by the material over which it lays. Beautiful white sands producing magnificent aqua blues and deeper emerald greens offering mystique are my favourites.


I also love to swim, surf and scuba dive always enjoying that wonderful feeling of floating and weightlessness. I am sure this has then lead me to purchase beautiful clear organic coloured glassware - bowls, vases and candlesticks which seem to float ethereally over the surface of your furniture almost as if not grounded. The colour creates the substance, limes and turquoise are revealed in recycled Spanish glass platters. Clear smokey caramel and sea blue candlesticks offer height without mass. Vases and high sided bowls in crisp pinks, purples and green pear create clean simple accent colour solutions.


If you are more land based and want to get a bit more earthy, look at the ceramic bowls splashed with mud and cherry coulis which you can contrast or co-ordinate with our fabulous Australian made candles. As I have worked on many of your interior design projects I have selected these candles for your year round interior colour schemes. This selection is based on both fabulous fragrances and spectacular mottled colour and are loved by both men women alike.

The Monaco releases Patchouli and is a deep, deep teal green. Papaya - bright orange,  Passionfruit - dark plum, Fresh Lime reminds me of Bali and then there’s  Rose, Sandlewood, Apple and Cinnamon. Gardenia and Christmas candles and so the list goes on and on, each candle delectable.



Another on my WOW  THINGS !  list are soft as soft velvet cushions beautifully piped and filled with duck down and feather in a range to compliment all the

product’s above.

I’m on a run now - I do also love Spring, green grass, brilliant blooms so colour must be on my (wow) list as well.


Let’s know what is on your wow list.


Yours in design,


Gaye Kable

Trading in Design