Space - faking it ! October 18 2014

Space - faking  it !

 My many trips to Japan during the 80’s and up until today taught me a lesson on how to use each centimeter of space when designing small rooms.


If you're not blessed with a decent sized home or apartment, we've got a few tricks that will help make your shoebox feel like a spacious sanctuary.

No matter how many times you rearrange or remove furniture it's never going to increase the floor space so look to the vertical space – walls doors and air space.

 First and foremost ………. de-clutter !

Then ……….


Paint ceilings, walls, architraves, skirting’s and doors what appear to be the same colour. To achieve this for your ceiling, ask your paint supplier to mix 50 % ceiling white with 50% wall colour in the appropriate paint finish.

Then paint the remainder of the surfaces to match the wall colour in a matt, low sheen or semi gloss whichever is applicable.

One colour will make the space appear larger rather than broken colour.







The biggest mistake you can make in a tiny room is to waste floor space on items that can be wall mounted -

Lights, lamps, shelving, bedside tables, hooks, tv and racks can all be mounted on the walls and this will keep your limited floor space clear for circulation and essentials pieces of furniture such as sofas. Wall beds are a great space saver for studio apartments, leaving the floor clear for ever day living. Sporting equipment can act as wall décor if mounted with consideration of the room’s proportions.

You can hang both vertically and horizontally in any manner of combinations – Your bike would look great on the wall. Tennis and squash racquets, interlinked, side by side, upside down . Mount your skis and poles not just the ever popular vintage, skis. Mix it up with framed photos of your achievements, your teams, trophies and medals. Snowboards are easy and with their fabulous graphics almost look like a painting, saving $$’s.

What you can hang on the wall is endless and will increase your circulation space.



Once you've decided on your furniture plan, you need to accent with mirror.

While mirrors have a functional use, consider the mirrors decorative use.

A mirror placed at the end of a hallway doubles the space and placed behind indoor planting reflects the vegetation, creating a lush corner. Use large mirrors to reflect the view. A grouping of smaller different shaped mirrors offer reflection and create an interesting arrangement. Dark rooms are lit with a mirror as they reflect any light. Mirror frames can complement the decorating style of any room or be a standalone piece creating a focal point.



Modern, traditional, simplistic or over the top heavy wooden and painted frames.


One of the most inexpensive items that really packs a punch and creates a designer look is matching table lamps and shades. This is where you can add natural birch texture and wire with our range from Mickey and Stevie or chrome, leather and ceramic bases with any shade in stock or made to order. Yes, we do also hand make shades especially for your existing bases. Client orders currently in production are tangerine off set shades, crisp white linen and the darkest black.


 Keep an eye out for the October Echo when we will feature simple solutions for

Small Bedrooms, Small Living, Dining and Family Rooms, Small Kitchens.


Until then, enjoy spring.

 Yours in design,

Gaye Kable