Trading in Design’s 8th birthday !! February 10 2014

It seems like only yesterday that we opened our doors providing new decorating ideas and fantastic gifts and homewares. The years have flown while discovering new pieces for your home. We’ve also crept into fashion and as always created both commercial and residential interiors to suit your life style.


As we are all about functional, aesthetic design, 2014 will see the new layout of this editorial bring you images to back up our blurb. We hope this helps. Thank you to all our wonderful readers and customers who keep us on our toes from week to week with requests for new designs and quirky products… life would be a little dull without you.


It’s still about texture - this stunning print the reveals the diversity of our Snowy Mountains Brumbies - great textures, variation in breed and while photographed in black, white and grey you can see the dappling, glossy coats and feel their natural colour. Nature’s great design


We love the natural sense of freedom this canvas portrays. Mix it up with timber and  stone.

Cotton bed wear, linen cushions, natural leather and jute floor rugs, cow hide mirrors and stools 

Opulent Reindeer hides as floor rugs or draped over chairs and beds maximise this natural textural approach to your interior.

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of interior design. It sets the stage for the entire space. Timber flooring is perhaps one of the most popular with its versatility in style, colour and finish. To emulate parquetry without the expense you can paint or stencil your boards to add variety, colour and direction as shown in this bedroom.


Yours in design,


Gaye Kable

Trading in Design